Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You have to wonder what this little bird is thinking while gazing at this resin bird. This water feature is in my front flower garden and I wondered if I would ever see this scene. Yesterday was the day! Sweet!


DEB said...

And you had your camera ready! Lucky!! Yesterday I went on a bike ride with my daughter, and we rode on a path into a field behind a restaurant that has a beautiful red barn where they grow all their veggies. There were 2 deer in the field in front of the barn...PERFECT photo op. And then, as we came around a bend, a beautiful crane swooped down and posed alongside a pond that had the blackest reflection on the water - probably because it was so overcast. We cursed all the way home that I'd forgotten my camera!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I have a little plastic *bird* in both parakeet cages; One bird LOVES his, the other ignores his. They definitely can see what it is supposed to be!
What a cute pic!!!!

Anonymous said...

How adorable!!

audrey said...

Deb ~ I've learned my lesson. My camera is with me EVERYWHERE I go. It is on my desk right next to me when I am in my studio - I can see what the birds are doing outside. Once in a while, I'll forget it when I go somewhere, and of course, that is when you miss the good shots. LOL! I was very happy that I had the chance to shoot this particular encounter. The birds just don't stay in one spot very long.

Anne ~ How cute. They each have their own "friend". It's amazing that you can tell how/if they relate to them.

Diva Kreszl said...

Perfect timing with your camera...that's a once in a lifetime shot! Probably asking if 'she' comes here often?

audrey said...

Diva, you are absolutely right! It's a wonder I was able to snap the picture - I was in such a rush and I only had a few seconds. Once in a lifetime is right - it would be unthinkable to get a bird to pose! LOL!
Many times when I am rushing to get a shot, I become all thumbs and can't operate the camera.