Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grey Day

It is an overcast, grey day, and I am trying to rev up a surge of motivation. I have three paintings started, a bedroom with the walls half painted, a studio that looks like it has been ransacked, and a "to do" list a mile long. And little energy. Not feeling completely up to par most of yesterday, I went to bed feeling even worse, hoping for a full recovery by morning. I am feeling better, but I don't have that urge to get moving. I think I will have a big glass of OJ, decide what to tackle first, and then take it as it comes.
I hope all of you have a good day and accomplish whatever it is you set out to do!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Don't do anything!
REST! That's how I felt when I came down with this *bug*, and not an attractive one like your pic!


P.S. The list will still be there.... ;)

audrey said...

Thanks, Anne. You might be right. I am one of those "go go go" people. Maybe a day of rest is just what I need.

Marlene said...

Feel better Audrey and rest is a good idea. The dragonfly is lovely!

audrey said...

Thank you, Marlene.