Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blog Friendship

Hi Everyone.
It is 11:00 Wednesday night and my follower pics just suddenly appeared. I hope this won't be an ongoing problem. Even after 10 years, I guess Blogger still has bugs to work out. I'm glad to have the pics back as I do click on them often to get to your Blogs. Thank you for your comments and suggestions regarding my invisible followers.
I woke with a cold this morning and I am hoping it won't get really bad ~ drank lots of OJ today and stayed home. I painted two walls in the guest bathroom and hope to continue with the guestroom walls tomorrow ~ making some progress.
I will try to find something of interest to Blog about tomorrow. I do have some thoughts jostling around in my head that I would like to get down on paper. About a week ago, I read an article where some people stated that they think making friends through blogging is ridiculous and that we should be out and about mingling with "real" people. How sad. Can't we have our lifelong friends AND our blog friends? Of late, I have read many posts that state how "blog friends" have been lifelines for others. We exchange ideas, stories, photographs, wish each other well through good times and rough times, and so many other aspects of friendship. Now that I have become a "blogger", I can't imagine not having contact with my new blog friends. You are REAL people and I am happily getting to know each of you through your words, your poems, your photographs and your art. I, for one, will not give you up. Let's just hope Blogger doesn't make entire Blogs disappear someday.
Wasn't I supposed to Blog about this tomorrow? LOL!!
Goodnight ~ I hope everyone has pleasant dreams!!


purplecat said...

so glad your followers have turned up :)
and yes I think online friends can be just as good as real friends, if it wasn't for my online friends I would not be pursuing my art as I am.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

You know Audrey, with where I live, I have found my blog friends more tolerant and caring than the few *real* friends I have in this tiny, rural community. I live in an area where, if you have not lived here FOR EVER, you are constantly treated as an outsider, and no matter what you do or give of your time and money, it stays the same (unless of course, you are very rich)
My blog friends don't care. Those of us that take the time to get to know each other know what treasures we have found.
Hey---they just don't get what we have to offer! ;)
Hope you're feeling better and it is not the start of the flu. I thought mine was an allergy watch it closely. (preaching to the choir, I know!)


P.S. I have to see if my followers pics are back....

Anonymous said...

If I have learned one thing being on this Earth for nearly 6 decades is... Everyone has an opinion. Opinions are just that..... I love blogging because I find craft & decorating inspirations & how-to's. I also have made some wonderful friends......
So-o-o-o, let them all have their opinions!! I really enjoy bogging!!
Have a Great Day!
p.s. I am glad Blogger got the "followers" issue in line!!

Marlene said...

Audrey, I hope you get to feeling better real soon and that it is not the flu. I will continue to blog until I can't sit at the computer, or at least read blogs. The friends I have met here are wonderful and my online friends know me better than some of my offline friends and vice versa.

Amanda said...

I'm in total agreement...people are people who cares what a review says!! If it weren't for you i wouldn't have even starting blogging, let alone started my art!! Keep your chin up! Smiles make the world go round...and round ..and round..:) Smile Audrey :)