Monday, March 9, 2009

Flamingos and More

Good morning Friends.

Just returned from another weekend in Virginia ~ took a load of items to the house there and painted the foyer. Getting closer to the move. This wonderful weather is making me want to get moved and start planting!! Unfortunately, I only have two arms and can't get everything packed and ready fast enough.

I wanted to show you what flew into our neighborhood while I was away. Aren't they the prettiest shade of pink? I haven't seen pink flamingos in a yard for many, many years. It was a fun thing to see!!

I also wanted to share these Lowe's pictures with you. While in Lowe's in Virginia, I noticed the artistic way the girls there hung the MDA shamrocks that you purchase for $1. to help fight muscular dystrophy. Most establishments hang the papers that you purchase for whatever charity/cause in rows or just wherever they can find space. I realize Lowe's has very large walls to work with, but I was impressed with the imagination that went into this and I had to take pictures.

Thank you for keeping up with my Blog in spite of my lack of art and lack of postings. I fear it will be sporadic until I get moved from SC to VA. Hopefully, you are enjoying the things that I am posting in the meantime.
Have a joyful day!

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