Saturday, March 14, 2009


"She said she usually
cried at least once
each day not because
she was sad, but
because the world was
so beautiful & life
was so short."
~From Mostly True by Brian Andreas

How true is this? The world IS beautiful and in the scheme of things, our time here is but a moment. Tears of joy fall from my eyes easily and often. There are many beautiful things and beautiful souls in this world. There are places to see, people to meet and thoughts to be painted. Time is marching on so quickly, I sometimes wonder if I will even get the necessary things accomplished before my time is up, yet alone the fun things. I have many, many ideas and thoughts to put on canvas; I have friends that I want to spend quality time with; there are creative people out there that I want to meet and befriend; I want time to just sit in the dark under a full moon and watch the stars twinkle; I want to sit in a boat in the sun for hours watching the birds dive for tasty treats; I want to make angels in the snow and walk in the dark during a heavy snowstorm; I want to run in a huge field of wildflowers and fall to the ground laughing with exhaustion; I want to spend time in old churches, alone, talking and visiting with God; I want my son to give me a grandchild that I can hold and love. I could go on but I think you get the idea. I think if more people would concentrate on the good and the beautiful things in this life, we would have less turmoil and unhappiness. Even in these difficult times, there is much to be thankful for and there are ways to enjoy our time, alone or with friends, that does not cost a dime.
Let's concentrate on our blessings and the beauty that surrounds us. I hope that if you cry today the tears will be joyful ones.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, Audrey! I weep often at the sheer wonder of life, and find it to be cleansing and liberating. Thanks, too, for the flower and rain pictures -- a sight for sore eyes (from crying??) in the parched and ever-thirsty southwest.

audrey said...

Rachel, you have been blessed with the ability to write eloquent words on your pages and in your books. Words that we, as readers, appreciate so much. I have many thoughts but I do not have an easy time writing them.
Your comment is a welcome compliment. I thank you, Rachel.

Cris Melo, of said...

Beautiful post, Audrey. Thanks for the reminder that there's beauty to be found, even under difficult times, if we just look right.

I've seen that quote before...just don't remember where. It was nice to read it again.