Wednesday, October 9, 2019

TUESDAY with Casey

 Waiting for that morning knock on my door.
 Water Falls in the park.
 Water Falls in the park.
 McKinley Monument steps.
 Lagoon in the park where we used to ice skate many years ago.
 There was always a fire going in that brick building to warm up by while taking a break from ice skating.
 Beautiful old gate in the park.
 Geese and squirrels were everywhere.
 Small falls in the creek.
 JFK Memorial Fountain.
 JFK Memorial Fountain with constant burning light. The fountain has been turned off for the season.
 The JFK burning light.
 Taggart's Ice Cream Parlor in its 93rd year.
 The Hall of Fame Store.
 Angels on top of the Stark County Courthouse.
Doors to the former St. Paul's Catholic Church and school where I attended 1st through 8th grades. SO sad to see it closed and stripped of its gorgeous stained glass windows. This stop brought tears to my eyes.
 The First Tee of Canton. SO impressive. Old friend, Gregg Schorsten, was the founder.
 The First Tee
 The First Tee
 Engraved bricks on patio at First Tee.
 Gregg Schorsten plaque.
 We made a donation to First Tee to have this brick placed on the patio in Jim's memory.
 The Grotto on property of Rhoda Wise. When in Canton, I always make a visit here. She was a friend of my mother's.
Read the story of Rhoda Wise online ~ an American Catholic stigmatist and mystic from Canton.
 Inside the Grotto.
 Inside the Grotto.
Sue and John Hunter, Audrey and Casey

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Deborah said...

What a fabulous trip you are having. It is beyond beautiful. Enjoy, my friend.