Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Patrick's Birthday

Hi Bro.  Me again.  This time to remember your Birthday.  If you were here, you would moan and groan about your age!  You always did.  We used to talk about how fast the time was going.  You wouldn't believe how fast this past year went!
I love this photo of you from your trip here in the Spring of 2010.  You and I drove to Smith Mountain Lake and we talked and laughed for hours.  This is you with Mr. Moose.  I haven't gone back there.  How I wish you were here and we could go back.  I can still hear your laugh.
I will think about you all day today.  I hope you will be playing a round of golf with friends who are there with you.  Happy Birthday, Bro!  Love you and miss you always!

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