Friday, June 2, 2017

Art By Night

 Mary Bullington with her friendly smile!
 "Good Day, Sunshine"
 "The Animal Fair"
 Christopher Cobb with a few of his recent pieces.

"Two For Light"

Mr. Magic had a billiards tournament tonight so I went to downtown Roanoke's ART BY NIGHT.  The two shows I wanted to see were CHRISTOPHER COBB's and MARY BULLINGTON's.  Parking was a nightmare, but I managed to find something after driving in circles for 1/2 hour.  I can't walk too far with this knee pain, so I had to find something not too far from the galleries.

Chris's show was at The Fleda A. Ring Gallery, called Nature of Being.  His pieces were interesting and beautiful.  Chris's use of glitter is impressive!

Mary was one of the Featured Artists at The Market Gallery.  Her pieces were stunning.  I am always amazed by her use of color and collage application.

Receiving a big hug from both of them made my efforts to visit their shows well worth it.

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