Friday, June 16, 2017

Living the Creative Life

Our Living the Creative Life group met last night at 16 West Marketplace.  After sharing our "Myth" themed art, and enjoying a sandwich from Firefly Fare, we worked on individual art pieces while talking about ART and many other things.  As always, it was a most enjoyable evening.
Myth themed art:
 Wally did a spectacular pen and ink tarot card of The Hanged Man and told the myth about Odin going to the center of the earth to find the tree, Yggdrasil, and hanging himself from it in his quest to discover the Secret of Runes.
 Therry painted an Indonesian Princess and told the myth of the princess who gave up her life by diving to the bottom of a pool to release all the Lotus Flowers in order to save the people in her Father's kingdom.
I took the simple approach by painting a whimsical ostrich whose statement negates the myth about ostrich heads in the sand.
We plan to meet again on July 20th.  The theme to work on and bring to that meeting is: "Who is Wonder Woman to Me."

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