Thursday, May 4, 2017

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday ~ May 4, 1970 ~ KSU
The scene minutes before the shooting. This photo is from James Michener's book, "KENT STATE What Happened and Why".
I am standing (bottom of photo) directly next to the door of the car looking in opposite direction of the crowd.  I had just returned from lunch and was headed to the Alumni Relations office where I worked. The shooting occurred as soon as I got to the office and we were then locked in for several hours.  Once they allowed us to leave, I RAN all the way to the off campus house I was living in.  I was terrified.
The burned down ROTC building in the photo is where several of my art classes had been held.

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DUTA said...

I had to google in order to find out what you're talking about as I am not american. It's terrible what the Vietnam war has done to the american nation. And yet, surprisingly, America continues to be involved in wars in countries that are not a direct threat to her security: Iraq, Afganistan, Libia, Syria.. I'm beginning to think that perhaps american Presidents are afraid to deal with the internal situation (racial conflicts, astronomic deficit etc...) and so they turn to the outside.