Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May Memories

May, 2010  ~  Brother Patrick watching Terry build the wall to my very first booth at Buy The Season.  It was an exciting time ~ I had washed the boards with a pale green tint in anticipation of having a pretty shabby chic wall to hang my items on.  I started out with a small booth as you can see in the 3rd photo.  The 4th photo shows my two combined booths as of today.  I have grown quite a bit over the last 7 years.
Little did I know that my sweet brother would come to visit from Texas in the Fall again that same year, only to end up in the hospital with pancreatitis and leave us permanently.  The only blessing was that he was here in Virginia and I was able to spend every minute of his last days on earth with him to the very end.

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DUTA said...

I know what you've been going through ; I myself lost my only brother (he was 58 and a half year old). As the years go by, the pain becomes somehow bearable, but never leaves us.
Your little shop looks great now! Good Luck with it!