Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Winter Solstice 2015

May we all join in the spirit of the Mongolian WINTER SOLSTICE tradition this year by purifying our hearts, by eliminating our grudges, by turning away from our guilt, and by leaving gifts of joy under the mother tree, which is humanity.  May you have a happy Winter Solstice and may we leave the darkness behind us as the sun is resurrected once again.

I found the Iroquois way of celebrating Winter Solstice to be very interesting.
While Celtic people celebrated Winter Solstice with feasts, some Native American tribes saw this unique celestial event in a different light.  Among the Iroquois, it was a time of dreaming.
Rather than staying up all night to celebrate the dawn, the People of the Longhouse turned in early, to sleep, to dream.
As Mother Nature reigned supreme, in dreaming they walked between the worlds of light and darkness, gathering great meaning from what The Great Mystery illuminated for them.
At first light, the entire tribe would gather and each tribal member - men, women, to the smallest child - would stand and relate what visions they saw on this special night.

This information was found at Leon's Planet on the web.

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