Monday, December 21, 2015

Total Surprise

I bought this plant at a yard sale in 2008 when we lived in SC.  It has stayed green and beautiful for 7 years.  I went to water it the other day and I was shocked to see FLOWERS!  I don't even know what this plant is, but it continues to make me happy.

Update:  I have found out that this is a clivia.  Clivia plants are native to South Africa.  The attraction to clivia plants can be found in their stunning blooms, which vary in color from pale orange to red.  The fragrant, trumpet-like flowers are similar to that of amaryllis, but smaller.  Unlike the amaryllis, clivias retain their foliage year round. 

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Marion said...

Looks to me like it's in the Orchid family. I've killed dozens of Orchids, and those leaves look very familiar. Gorgeous flower!!! Have a very Merry Christmas! xo