Thursday, June 26, 2014

Throwback Thursday

William, Audrey, Violet

Throwback Thursday ~ I am guessing this to be around 1952. These are two of my many cousins ~ the ones I spent the most time with when I was young ~ William and Violet.  Violet was like a sister.  We spent as much time together as our Moms would allow - she staying overnight at my house or me at hers.  We had the greatest times together ~ sitting under Grandpa's huge willow tree eating Chef Boyardee Pizza that we made ourselves or walking down the street singing the Beatles song Till There Was You, discussing our latest crush on the cute guy down the street, or picking up golf balls on the edge of the golf course late at night when nobody was around.  Violet's family moved to California in our early teen years.  Being such a distance from each other, our lives went in different directions, but I will always have those fond memories.  William and his brother, Andrew, stayed in Ohio, so I had contact with them.  William and I still talk and get together when we can.  We both have scars from running into each other (literally) while playing in the dark many many years ago.  William and Patrick were in the Air Force together and became very close.  
Family ~ the ties that bind.

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Anonymous said...

What dear and sweet memories. We did have a blessed childhood. your sister