Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fire Angel

This is my Karen Milstein Fire Angel that I recently purchased.  She is hanging in the archway between the living room and the foyer.  I love the story behind her creation.
Karen and her family live in Colorado.  In May, their leather and canvas manufacturing shop of 20+ years burned to the ground.  Not only did they lose the shop, but they lost all of their inventory and many memorable items such as things the children made when they were growing up and spending time in the shop.  Through the sadness and reality of what took place, Karen salvaged burnt metal and began creating these lovely little creations that she calls "fire angels".  Karen is having a hard time keeping up with sales of these angels.  Every time she lists a batch in her Etsy shop, they sell out and she makes more.  I think it's wonderful that this artist has made something so beautiful from the ashes of the fire.  Check her Etsy shop, fadedwest, from time to time to see what she has in there.  You will fall in love with her fire angels.

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Jan said...

now that is certainly akin to making lemonade out of a sad situation. How wonderful for you that you were able to snag one.