Monday, June 30, 2014


This coreopsis is in Mom's flower garden next to her front door.  I was so happy to see it come back this year as it was one of her very favorite flowers.  Prized for its dependable nature and colorful, daisylike flowers, coreopsis has a long bloom period and is generally troublefree and easy to grow.
I haven't changed anything in Mom's flower garden ~ not for her sake, but for mine.  Every day, when I walk to our backyard and see her garden, it brings a smile to my face remembering how much she loved it.  She would sit on her patio chair next to the garden with her cup of tea every morning.  I could see her there when I would look out my kitchen window.  That picture is burned into my memory.  I like to think that Heaven is a flower garden where she sits enveloped in the peace and beauty.  

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful thoughts and I like to think that they are true. your sister