Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Week 8 BOD Journal Spread

Week 8 Book Of Days Journal Spread

I am on a roll with this journaling.  I wanted to get caught up and it seems the faster I go, the more I enjoy it.  Simply put, I don't want to stop once I get going.  Trying many different background techniques and learning things about different paints and inks.  I was pretty much stuck on using acrylics for just about everything I did before taking this Book of Days journey.  I had experimented with a few mixed media ideas, but this is opening new doors for me.  This class ends in 2 weeks and I've already signed up to take Book of Days 2014 Volume II class which starts at the end of April and runs for another 12 weeks.  

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Jan said...

I'm really enjoying your journal work. glad to hear you will be continuing this journey.