Saturday, March 15, 2014

Living the Creative Life

 Ibby and Katherine

It was a small group today for our Living the Creative Life meeting.  A couple of the girls were not feeling well and not able to attend.  We had our meeting at the Sweet Donkey Coffee House which just opened recently.  It's in an old renovated house and is quite nice and comfortable, with good coffee.  I would say it is going to be well liked because during the 3 hours we were there, there was a constant flow of customers.

Ibby, Tricia, Audrey and Katherine

This photo is from our very first group meeting of Living the Creative Life on February 8th at Little Green Hive Coffee and Smoothie Bar.  We've created this group to get together monthly to discuss anything art related.  For now, we are meeting at coffee shops, but eventually we plan to meet in each other's studios and make some art.  We plan to have some art shows and we'll see what else the future might bring.


Pamela Smallcomb said...

What a great group! Can't wait to see the art that happens. :) We're getting more SNOW tonight! ACK!!!!!!! xox

Jan said...

Your group is getting going and my group has succumbed to illness. Hopefully all our friends will recover and we can enjoy our artful get togethers again.

Terra said...

Art is an excellent focus for a group. Cute new coffee shop and of course, cute gals too.