Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mixed Bag

I'm a mixed bag of feelings tonight.  Right now I'm taking a break from working in my journal.  Feeling very happy while painting in it.  Meanwhile, sweet little Jake either stands outside my studio door (photo above) or comes in and stands right next to my chair, waiting SO patiently for me to throw his little blue ball.  This is making me feel sad because I'm not playing with him.  Then, there's the dark cloud of "tooth extraction" hanging over my head.  Yep, tomorrow morning ~ I have a date with the Oral Surgeon.  This is making me feel anxious.
So, I think I'll go back to the journal and block everything else out for another little while.  I will play with Jake before I go to bed and that dreaded appointment will be over before I know it.  Right?

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