Thursday, July 4, 2013

Roanoke River Flooding

 This is part of my back yard after the water had subsided.  Normally, when it rains there is only a small trickle of water that flows along this rocky path.  I had never seen it full and moving along so quickly.  I actually wish this was a real creek that had water in it all the time.  Our house is high up from this area and if the creek would flood, it would not affect us.

 Part of my front yard had a river flowing through it.  I took these photos after a lot of the water had subsided.  I couldn't get outside when the yard was full of water because the rain was coming down SO hard.

 Along the roadside.
 A lot of water went up into some yards and into basements.

 These photos were taken on the lane that leads down to our street.  There is going to be a LOT of debris all over this road tomorrow.  Thankfully, when you get to our cul-de-sac, you drive uphill and
all the water runs away from us.     

 It is difficult to give you an idea of how swiftly the water was moving and how far it went over its banks.

 It was amazing to see the power of the water and how much debris was flowing along at a very quick pace.
 The railing next to the walking path is just about completely submerged.
 This is a bench that sits along the walking path.
I know tomorrow the news will inform us of damage and flooding in downtown Roanoke as well as here in Salem.  I didn't venture to all the areas that were affected from the flooding.  It is sad to think of damage that people might have in their homes.  I do know that a lot of first floor apartments that are near the river were flooded out.  Last night some people had to be evacuated and were taken from their homes by boat.  This does not compare to the terrible flooding that has taken place in many areas of the country, but it gives us an idea of how devastating it can be.
I took many more photos today, but just posted a few to give you an idea.  I do hope the rain is done for a while.  We need time to let all this water go away.


Corrine at said...

Ouch Audrey, keep an eye out for sink holes after when you drive. xox

Deborah said...

So sorry about any damage to your neighbors. However, the photos are very beautiful, especially viewed at full size. Isn't it amazing how forces of nature are so powerful! Stay high and dry.

**blows sunny skies your way**

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Your area of the country looks like my area! I am so sick of rain.

Jan said...

Glad you are safe, high and dry. Mother Nature can be so devastating to us mere humans and our stuff. Great photos you got. It is amazing to witness these things. I live on a river too and have seen what flooding can do. Even went out kayaking on flood water once, that was quite an experience! We put a strap in a tree that is still up there, a reminder of how high the water was. So far up there! Take care.

Amanda said...

WOW! didn't know the river could be so are on top of a mountain so i hope you and puppy and terry are safe...if not just ask for Noah and his ark..xoxox miss you, huggs and kisses