Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Day on the Parkway

 Yesterday started out pretty nice with a little bit of sun and no rain.  So, I went to Roanoke to get Mom and took her to lunch at her favorite Italian restaurant.  I imagine getting out of the Nursing Home for a little while would make anyone feel better. She ate every morsel off her plate and enjoyed lunch immensely.  I hated to take her right back, so I got on the Blue Ridge Parkway and drove about 20 miles North and back.  It was a beautiful ride ~ Mom and I both enjoyed it.  It started to drizzle so I headed back.  Getting Mom out of the car and into her wheelchair isn't too bad, but getting her into the car is another story.  Physical Rehab gave me a belt to use ~ it was a big help.
I made it home through the pouring rain.  Then Roanoke had another terrible afternoon and evening of water rescue and flooding.
I hope you enjoy some of the photos I took while we enjoyed our ride on the Parkway. 

Last weekend, poor Mom had another fall trying to get out of bed in the middle of the night.  She has been SO lucky that she hasn't broken any bones or worse.  She has a very large ugly bruise on her cheek/chin.  I took this photo right before I left yesterday.  It is always easier for me to leave when she has a smile on her face.  


Corrine at said...

Beautiful photos Audrey. All things considered Mom looks pretty darn relaxed...So glad you were able to get her out and about for a bit. Hope she can come home soon. xox

Terra said...

I am sure your mom enjoyed every minute of her outing and meal with you.

Deborah said...

Oh your poor Mom!!! Ouch. But just look at that smile ♥ I am so glad you went back to Jake's enlarged picture for your header...I so enjoy his ever changing expressions! Makes me giggle every time.


DLPBR said...

Love your Pkway Photos. I love a ride on it.Glad your Mom likes to ride along, looking at Mother Nature does a world of good.