Friday, July 19, 2013

Annual Visit with Good Friends

 Don and Carol live in Texas ~ just a little too far to be able to get together on a whim.  Don has family living close to Lynchburg, so they make a visit every year to our area.  Since we now live in Virginia, we drive to Lynchburg each summer to have dinner with them.  After catching up on current events in our lives, the discussion always turns to old times and fun we had together back in Ohio and Michigan.  Laughter is good medicine ~ as well as time spent with good friends who have a special place in my heart.  One of these days we hope to visit them in Texas.  It's a long drive unless I can get over my fear.  I love that beautiful sky but I am not comfortable at all being up there in an airplane.
It was a great evening and a beautiful night for the drive.  On the way back home, the sky treated us to some beauty.  I've posted a few of the many photos I took.



Anonymous said...

Gee, you get better and better at posting lovely real photos. They are, indeed, awesome. Thanks. It is so very special that you can get to see Don and Carol as you do, being they are so far away to see more often. Pat E.

DLPBR said...

I agree with you Audrey, the sky is my greatest inspiration. I've spent many evenings this year taking sunset shots but mine are not as good as yours. I need a better camera, maybe next year. Love your inspiring posts.

DLPBR said...
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Corrine at said...

Fantastic pics of the sky. Glad you were able to spend the evening with close friends. One of these days you may hit the skies but hey, that's your life sweetie. Maybe a road trip is better anyhow, so much more to experience. xox