Saturday, March 16, 2013

I Won "Blue Trees"!

This morning, I received word from Kathryn of Listening to the Whispers, that I won her "Blue Trees" painting.  I am thrilled to have one of Kathryn's works of art.  I discovered a while back that Kathryn lived here in Virginia and moved to Ohio last summer.  Most of you know I lived in Ohio and moved here to Virginia.  I guess you might say I feel a kinship with her since she moved to my beloved Ohio.
You will enjoy visiting Kathryn's blog, Listening to the Whispers.  Click on the link to get there.  She makes interesting textural art, posts beautiful photographs, and sometimes writes fictional stories and/or stories about herself.
Thank you, Kathryn, for having this giveaway.  So happy I won!!


Corrine at said...

Comgrats on winning. I will give her blog a looksee. xox

Kathryn said...

Thanks Audrey, I'm so happy you won.