Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jake's Blessing

 Yesterday morning was The Blessing of the Animals at our church.  
 Father Kevin is reading scripture pertaining to God's creation of the animals.
 Whenever there is a crowd of dogs, Jake is always drawn to the BIG ones.
 Just one of the dogs that seemed to be paying attention to what Father Kevin was saying.
 This little Yorkie got all dressed up for her blessing.
Jake spent his time checking out all the dogs that were there.
I was surprised at the small crowd that showed up, but I know Saturday morning is a busy time for most people.  The small crowd was mostly dogs ~ one cat ~ and a cage with some snails.  It made me happy to have Jake blessed.


Linda Wildenstein said...

We used to go with a friend to the animal blessings at her parish. She would take her Saint Bernards and I would too. They were a crowd all into themselves. And there was always a self confident "little" dog like your Jake who made it there job to welcome our big ones. How cute Jake is. How special to have him blessed. xoxo OmaLinda

yoborobo said...

I love this. Jake is just so cute, and I am very happy he was blessed. :)) Xox

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness but that dog of yours is so cute.......he is double blessed, having all of you for family and the special animal blessing as nice that you were able to fit that event into your busy schedule. Love Pat E.