Monday, August 6, 2012

Thank You God

I know one thing for sure.  Before Jake came into my life, I never said Thank you, God, for creating DOGS.  I can't thank You enough for the love and joy that Jake brings to my life.  I know in my heart that Patrick is with You and I believe that the two of you sent Jake to us.  So, I THANK YOU with all my heart for Your creation of these loving animals.  Patrick is probably shocked that we love this little dog so much, but I bet he has a big smile on his face.


Silke said...

Dear Audrey, I feel just the same about our Winslow. Our pets truly are god-sent! Much love to you! Silke

Anonymous said...

I understand your feelings and it is truly wonderful to witness the joy this pet has brought to all of us in many ways. And, I too think that God and our brother had a meeting and decided to place Jake in your home. Pat E.

Amanda said...

everyone is right dogs have personalities and i love each and every one of you jake ;)