Sunday, May 29, 2011

First 2011 Brood

Mom and Dad keeping a close watch on things.

Six precious blue eggs.

Delivering a snack.

Removing broken shell.

First peek at the world.

Only moments after I took this photo, this little one flew out and away. I was happy to witness it. I thought for sure these little ones would leave the nest before I returned from Charleston, but I got lucky. Last year I watched all three broods during the entire process, but missed all the departures.
Nature's Magic.


Ces said...

Audrey, welcome back. Thank you for your wonderful and kind comment. Thank you very much.

This is amazing!!! How wonderful is that to witness such an event. I have never even seen eggs in a birdhouse and look at them! The joys of watching nature and supporting and preserving it. Must be an enormous pride and joy because just reading about it lifts my spirits!!!


Linda in New Mexico said...

Yes, welcome back. I'm so happy for you that you got to see the departure of this brood. Such fun.
And your photo essays from Charleston were wonderful. What with blogger and my keyboard I remained silent for some time. But Hello my friend. Linda

bicocacolors said...

Audrey those are soooo beautiful!!!
love love loooove them!

Have a happy day,

Silke said...

Those are so cute, Audrey!! We just now have another pair of bluebirds looking at the bluebird house. The chickadees have moved out and maybe we'll get another brood...

Loved all your photos of Charleston - such a pretty city!! I'm glad you are back! :)

Love, SIlke

Mother's Moon's Message said...

I hace a fondness for the bluebird. Wonderful little family you have. Enjoy their company.


This is really beautiful. Pictorial story of a new born I guess.

Photos are excellent!