Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mom's Beautiful Christmas Tree

"O Christmas Tree,
O Christmas tree,
Your beauty green will teach me
That hope and love will ever be The way to joy and peace for me. O Christmas Tree,
O Christmas tree,
Your beauty green will teach me."

While my sister was here over Thanksgiving, we all had a hand in setting up Mom's Christmas tree and Nativity set for her. It looks beautiful and Mom enjoys sitting by the tree and looking at it each evening.


Sympathy for The Devil said...


Sympathy for The Devil said...


Sympathy for The Devil said...


Sympathy for The Devil said...

so happy reading your comment today!

if you sneak into my brain, you'll see my lover, all about my lover :D

Sympathy for The Devil said...

beautiful tree indeed!

hope you've been well.
im a bit exhausted, but i missed you! :))


audrey said...

Hello dear witch. I knew you were very busy, so I waited to hear from you. I hope you get some rest ~ not fun to be exhausted. I cannot seem to get caught up on things here. Christmas is coming TOO fast and I'm not ready.
I don't think I want to sneak into THAT part of your brain. I'm thinking more on the creative side. hahahaha
Take care, sweet one.
I have missed you, too.
♥ fairy fish

yoborobo said...

That is beautiful, Audrey. I love the manger with the lights on top. :) Do you feel like Christmas is barreling down the road about 500mph? I do. At least our tree is up (finally!), and our creche. Merry Christmas to your Mom! xox Pam

Emelie said...

I enjoyed the cloe up photos of those beautiful ornaments, it was no short amount of time putting them on the tree. Also noticed the great variety of shapes in the animals at the birth, adds interest and a longer look to appreciate. Also that is a nice bling tree. This venture into your decorations was really a pleasant morning for me.

Marion said...

What a beautiful, sparkling Christmas setting! I love it all. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

Marlene said...

Love the tree, the jewel tree in the frame is fantastic!

Amanda said...

love it love it love it!!!

Jan said...

Oh Audrey, your mom's tree and decorations remind me so much of my mom's decorations. The Nativity scene is practically the same one my mom had, and the beautiful glass ornaments, very similar. Thanks for sharing. I miss those things. I miss my mom.

Deborah said...