Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Blooms

Much to my surprise, over the last month my orchid grew another stem. About a week ago, new blooms opened up. I was under the impression orchids only bloomed once a year. Wrong.

I purchased this orchid in the Spring of this year at the grocery store. It was in a cart, looking very sad and broken, along with a few others. I had always stayed away from orchids because they are pricey and I always thought they were difficult to grow. This poor plant was marked down so low, I figured I would give it a happy home and see what the outcome might be.

I suppose it must be happy since it is blooming once again. I must be doing something right. It seems I need to do some research on orchids since I know very little about them. For now, I am enjoying its fragile beauty.


Linda in New Mexico said...

I'd say that little orchid knows it has potential and is living it up. So pretty. I too have stayed away from trying to grow them. The closest I come to an orchid is another tree dweller epiphyte..night blooming cereus. But they are so hardy you can't hardly kill them. Happy Wednesday my friend. The Olde Bagg

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh you are so lucky! Of my 4 orchids, only one rebloomed and at present, two look quite ill. I know nothing about the proper care of these plants, but delight in their blossoms.
Savor that exquisite stem!!!


Jan said...

What lovely blooms! And they last so long, that is so amazing. Someone gave me one and it bloomed for a full year. then it bloomed again! Now it seems to be just sitting there. Should I water it more? Water it less? Transplant it! Move it? ha ha, obviously I need to read up more about how to grow them too but I will probably just keep doing what I do. I bought another one at a garage sale that a guy had started himself and it has grown a tiny bit but so far not flowered. I am ever hopeful. Enjoy yours, it is gorgeous.

Marion said...

What a beautiful Orchid! I killed four of them this year because I tried to hard. I'm so happy your flower bloomed for you. What a gift!!!



"Earth laughs in flowers." ~Emerson