Monday, October 25, 2010

Tag Sale Finds

I purchased some great things over the past couple of weekends at tag sales. I've been busy cleaning them and getting them ready to put in my consignment space. Here are pictures of some of the items I found.
Sweet doll
I really like this Revolutionary War soldier/drummer. I'm thinking a collector might be happy with this.

These are cute. After you wind up the little monkey, he walks and clangs the cymbals together.
This little hen lays little plastic eggs when you push down on her. If only having babies was that easy.

This Christmas candle is large - about 3 feet high and lights up. I'm going to use the vintage plastic candelabra in my space as part of my Christmas decor.

This vintage Santa Head lights up and he is in great shape. He just needs someone to love him.

These perfect figurines look like they came right off the shelf of a store.

Kitty and Collie figurines.

Vintage pair of chick salt and pepper shakers. Very cute.
Kissing Angels figurine. Sweet.

Lefton road runner wall pocket. Very nice.

Vintage roosters. These are great.

These vintage roosters are very colorful ~ I like them a lot. I must hurry and put them in my space before they get too attached to my kitchen area.

A pair of vintage Lefton owls. I LOVE the coloring.

These are very old owl wall pockets. Very, very nice.

A sweet small drum table. I'm thinking maybe white paint, distressed.....


Jan said...

What a score!! You found some wonderful items, they look very collectible, surely they will sell quickly. That must be very tiring and fun, to go on the search for these sort of things. I especially like those roosters.

yoborobo said...

Wow! So many cute things! I am cracking up about the hen laying eggs - you can say that again (if only...). I love the chickens, roosters and owls! They will all get snapped up. You done good, Audrey! xox!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Wow, you certainly did get a good bunch of goodies. I love tag sales, garage sales, yard sales, junk stores and of course GW Boutique and other like thrift stores. I am currently accumulating milk glass pieces to build another glass tower for winter. to be seen soon. The Olde Bagg

Manon Doyle said...

Great finds, Audrey. I'm not sure what I like the best but when I saw that doll on my dashboard I couldn't help thinking how awesome she was!!
I hope all is well!!

Ces said...

I like the doll. At first in the thumbnail, I thought it was a real woman, sort of short and stout!

love is colder than death said...

can i hug you once again?

love is colder than death said...

i would like to have a haunted doll.

love is colder than death said...

this morning i hugged you, Grandewitch, and Deborah.
what a lovely morning!

love is colder than death said...

as for the haunted doll, do you think i need some blood????

*goodnite Fairy fish :))

Amalia K said...

Hi Audrey! Oh, so many promising finds for your shop! I especially love the doll and the magical egg laying chicken. Yes, if only having babies were that easy...Hahaha! And thanks for visiting me, you always say the sweetest things. :)

Deborah said...

How FUN!!! Oh, Pam must be hyperventilating. I inherited two roosters similar to yours from my MIL when she passed. They sit on the cantina, of course. Wishing you a lovely day, my friend. **happy smiles** Deb