Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Tree

Making this Halloween Tree was therapeutic for me ~ relaxing and fun. I chose a nice branch from the woods, used a garage sale pot, and mixed up a batch of plaster of paris to anchor it. It took me several nights to complete because I tied each thing to the tree rather than using a hot glue gun (even the small orange beads.) I am always afraid things will get knocked loose and fall off. I believe the little goulish items on this tree are there for life. I used clear fishing line, so there is no thread showing.
It is now the centerpiece in my consignment space and I am eager to see if someone can't live without it.


Jan said...

Oh it is devastatingly enchanting! I love all the elements you attached, it is so cool! I can't imagine someone not wanting it enough to buy it. It is probably gone already! Love it! I'm going back to look at it again.

Deborah said...

Oh Adoreeeeeble!!! I love it, especially the little beads. I was thinking of making one with candy corn on it, but yours is MUCH cuter!
**kisses** Deb

Terra said...

Creative and attractive. Someone will have to have it, don't you think?

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

OOoooooo...I love it!!!
I have always wanted to make one. Does the word LAZY mean anything?
Seriously, every year I think about it and every year, it doesn't happen.
Tying the items on is smart---it will hold up a lot longer.
Very cool Audrey! ;)


Emelie said...

I especially love that mouse hanging there so cute and it is a great tree of Goulish.

Keeping you in thoughts.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Your tree is lovely. I always find such meditative qualitites to putting up my holiday trees. Glad you join the ranks of the Halloween crazies with a tree. hehehe. The Olde Bagg
pssssst....there are two at my house now. Come one over and see.

Marlene said...

That is great Audrey, wonderful idea and I bet someone does snatch it up.

yoborobo said...

Hi Audrey! I love your tree. You are smart to tie things on. I bet this got snapped up. :) We went into the woods (and by 'we' I mean my DH) and found the same branch we used last year! lol! We put it in the Christmas tree stand. We still haven't done anything but string lights and a few ornies on it, but it is very festive. You are in my thoughts, my friend. xox!! Pam