Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tag Sale Treasures

I keep forgetting to post things when I go to Tag Sales. I've been to several this summer and found some wonderful items to put in my consignment shop. I've painted several pieces of furniture ~ transformed them into shabby chic pieces and they have all sold. The past two weekends I've been to several Tag Sales and picked up some great items. I love this pair of vintage carolers - I think they may spend Christmas at my house rather than in the shop.

This old wood oval frame is in excellent condition and looks pretty good with the print that is in it.

I was planning to paint this cute little round stand, but my DH cleaned it up and put Old English on it. It looks too good to paint now, so I'll put it in the shop as is.

I bought these lamps at a garage sale for almost nothing. DH cleaned them for me today and they look great. I picked up a couple of shades for them this afternoon and off to the shop they go.

A close-up of the painted dogwood flowers on the lamps. Very pretty!

This vintage telephone stand may be staying at my house, too. I am going to paint it cream and keep one of my many plants on it.

I thought this 3 tier shelf unit was unique. It is in great shape and I will paint it off white and distress it. I'm sure someone will love it.

This vintage stand with the bookshelf below is a nice sturdy piece. I will paint it and put it in the shop. I'm liking it, but I can't keep everything. It is so tempting to keep things.

I love this cute vintage sewing bench. The top lifts off and it is meant to keep sewing supplies in there. I think it would be a nice place to keep old love letters.
Or maybe new love letters.
Going to the shop? Not sure yet.

I LOVE this old framed mirror!! I couldn't believe my luck that no one had taken it off the wall yet. I grabbed it up. The frame is gorgeous and there are no little pieces broken off.
It really should go in the shop. ):

A close-up of the detail on the frame. I am a sucker for old frames. I have way too many!!

I bought this small section of old fence while in Ohio in July. I thought I would use it in the shop for a Halloween display. I stained it purple and plan to put lights on it and maybe a wreath or a bat or something spooky. Fun!


Marlene said...

Audrey you are getting quite a collection of great items. Your store must be going good, I am happy for you.

Anonymous said...

Nice collection of vintage finds!!
Have a Great Week!

yoborobo said...

WOW! You found some fabulous treasures. :) I love them all. Thank goodness we don't go to the same thrift stores, we would be arm wrestling each other! lol! Have a fabulous week - xox Pam

Anonymous said...

Well for goodness sake, you ARE doing a fine job of selecting items for your consignment. I know how tempting it is to keep money made that way. DH is such a help and so willing to give you a hand. You must be grateful. Keep up using that "good eye". Your sister

Linda in New Mexico said...

Congrats on your super finds. We have my Mom's sewing bench and I use it to keep my childhood memorabilia. That way the kids can look at it and put it back in a very special place.
I'm glad your store is doing well. Pleased for you I am. The Olde Bagg

Jan said...

What a great collection of things you are finding! The things you especially like you could keep for awhile, enjoy them, then send them off to the consignment shop or whatever you call it. You have a good eye for these, Audrey.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Audrey,
Oh wow, you must love shopping and looks like you know just where to shop! Lovely pieces here!

Amanda said...

You always find gold at the end of the rainbow!! gorgeous pieces!! i know they will find a happy home!! miss you and your keen eye!! keep up the good work it keeps me out of tj's and challenges me to good antique stores!! hugs xoxo!!

Deborah said...

You have a shop and how did I not know this??? Must go search your blog more closely!!! Fantastical finds.