Tuesday, August 24, 2010


During my walk around the yard yesterday, I noticed how many mushrooms we have. Upon looking at them closely, they really are very interesting.
Doesn't this look like toasted marshmellow?

I like the color and the texture.

A cute lone little mushroom.

Sweet little fairy homes.

Whoa! Not so cute!!


Linda in New Mexico said...

great photos, especially of the fairy homes...love it.

Mother's Moon's Message said...

simply goregous photos... mushrooms are by far one of my most favorite subjects to photograph.. each one is unique unto itself... When they are in abundance you can see me laying in my yard for hours... :-)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love them all! (S.P. does too...first peep of the day!)
I always enjoy walking through the yard towards Fall, and if we have had plenty of water, there will be toadstools of many varieties and huge puffballs, and then some very fleshy (and bad smelling!) ones that grow under the pines. They came with the trees---never seen them here before!
Great pics Audrey!


Sympathy For The Devil said...

Fairy Fish!!!!
how are you??
how i miss blogging :D
you are right about mushrooms, they are sweet little fairy homes!

thank you for your comments, finally have time to catch up, oh well... :((

the new avatar is from a book cover ive been working on.

Jan said...

Nice photos, Audrey. as hot and dry as I thought it was over there I am surprised you have any mushrooms. They are tenacious. We get a lot around here too. Maybe I will do a post in the fall about them.

Amanda said...

they are almost like flowers, beautiful and unique in their own way! give casey a hug for me xoxo!!

Marlene said...

Cool, I love the way mushrooms look they are very magical.

Sympathy for the Devil said...

oh i forgot, mushrooms are also the Smurfs homes.

Deborah said...

Oh such fantastical shots! All the mushrooms out here look the same. Yours are quite interesting.
**kisses** Deb