Friday, August 13, 2010

Silke's Surprise Birthday Bash

SURPRISE!!!!!! Hey Silke! It's best to take birthdays with a few grains of salt! .................preferably around the rim of a margarita glass!!
I think we'll start the festivities with a MARGARITA CUPCAKE just for you. It looks REALLY good!!

After your cupcake, you must have a nice cold PINK MARGARITA! YUM!

Once you've enjoyed that nice pink margarita, you need to move on and have a COOL GREEN MARGARITA! UM UM UM!!

Well, let's see now. Pink and Green makes....... BLUE ???? Let's all have a BEAUTIFUL BLUE MARGARITA!

Now that you've enjoyed those margaritas, I think you should head off to MARGARITA ISLAND for a few days of Birthday R&R. Sound good?

While you're staying on MARGARITA ISLAND.......... you will enjoy lots of SUNSHINE!


What's a trip to Margarita Island without SAILING off into the sunset......

And LOUNGING at the shore........

A BIRTHDAY DINNER on the beach at night?

And.... a few CANS OF PAINT await your arrival so if the urge to paint hits you, just pick up this brush and paint away!

I hope you enjoyed your Birthday trip to Margarita Island, Silke!!!!!!
I wish you many happy, sunshine filled days!!
♥ audrey


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

HA Audrey! You waaaaay topped me on wishes! LOL!!!
But after all those margiritas, do you think sailing is a good idea? I mean, just askin'... ;)


Silke said...

Oh, I LOOOOOVE it!! Those margaritas... *hiccups* And that island - I think I'll stay a while and enjoy! Thank you so much!!! Love, Silke

Deborah said...

Oh Audrey! You ARE the hostess with the mostest! That cupcake looks divine. Fat-free, yes? Cuz I need to save all my points for the margies! What a lovely party for the most lovely Silke. **kisskiss** Deb

Sympathy For The Devil said...

heheh :D
this is cool im goin to wish Silke a happy birthday!!

Jan said...

Can I come? What a lovely party this looks to be, and I could use a bit of sun.

P.S. I don't know how to make the music notes on my keyboard either so I just copy and paste them from where ever I see them. ♫♪♫ works for me.

Marie S said...

Happy Birthday Silke!

I want to go!!
Oh my that margarita cupcake looks yummy!!
Did you make enough for everyone Audrey??

Marie S said...

You got yourself a deal!!!

Melissa Marro said...

Goodness, with all these celebrations for Silke she is going to need a day off to recoup!

Happy Birthday!

Melissa -
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