Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Evening

I couldn't help myself. I had to have another look.

Goodness, I think they are growing by the hour. We are leaving for South Carolina on Wednesday, so I won't get to look after that. I'll have to have my sister keep watch over them while I'm away.


Marlene said...

They are adorable Audrey.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly baby birds grow. I had *planned* to get photos of the baby robins in the gutter nest---well---they are long gone! They're somewhere in my flowerbed as the parent yells at me each time I am out!


yoborobo said...

What a cute little face! :) I hope you are feeling better - you have a busy week ahead. :) xox! Pam

lakhsmita indira said...


Ces said...

OMG! I thought you have been sick but NOOOOOOOO!!! You have been busy peeking at litlle babies! This bird is adorable. What pure joy it is to witness a new creature. Look at those eyes. She probably thinks you are a predator! HAHAHAH!

I am glad you are feeling better, strong and healthy enough to go to South Carolina. Isn't it great? You have been coughing and hacking for months and when it is finally gone, everything is is alright and what a joy to be healthy again. I know bronchitis very well. I hate it, hate it, hate it!!!

Have fun in SC! Be safe.

Anonymous said...

Audrey, You have fun and enjoy!!! I have a son thats getting married in Aug!!!!!! Where did you find your dress? I just know Pat will take care of things while your gone, but I sure will miss her. Linda