Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Linda's Give-Away

Linda, of Old Baggs 'N Stuft Shirts is having a giveaway - A sweet necklace that says "Be Kind", embellished with little birds.

Head over there NOW to enter for a chance to win as this giveaway ends on Friday, the 21st. If you like turtles, you might think about following Linda's blog. She is a turtle lover and posts pictures and stories about them often.


Linda in New Mexico said...

You are such a goodie to post about my giveaway. Sure have missed your bright and shiny attitude here abouts. I wish that nasty old stuff would leave you alone. Shoo, skoot, be gone. Probably won't help but it was worth a try.
((((hugs))) unitl next time
vert word: watchet, Watchet, the sky is falling yelled Chiken Little

Anonymous said...

Have a Great Day!!

lakhsmita indira said...

oh i miss you too Fairy Fish.
im still busy here with works and stuffs.
yes i really hope you'll get better and better!

*this give-away is lovely!

lakhsmita indira said...

ps: the moon is my secret lover, Fairy Fish! ;)

audrey said...

Mita!!!!! Hello. Are you still working on the covers? I cannot wait to see them. It is SO good to hear from you.

audrey said...

Don't work too hard, sweet little witch. Take time to play!!