Friday, October 16, 2009

This guy hung out on the house the other day from morning till night. Would he not have been happier in a tree or on a bush? And how can any living thing be that still for so many hours? His resemblance to a leaf is amazing. God was very busy and creative the day he made all the insects!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I've had them do the same thing, and what is so neat is you can see all the little details up close and realize, even though it is a BUG, what a wonderful little machine it is! I don't know if they do that because they feel they are away from predators, or if they are laying eggs.
Great pic!


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Audrey,
Either this guy is very big or you can zoom in close without blurriness. Great photography!
Amazing how he does look like a leaf.
Have a great weekend.

audrey said...

LOL! That's funny, Anna. I sure hope I don't find any insects that size hanging out on my house. Sometimes my zoom works well and sometimes not. This time it cooperated.
Have a great weekend.

Amanda said...

great pic, but bugs still give me the willys ;)