Sunday, October 15, 2017

7 Hour ER Visit

It is almost 9:00 and we are all just getting up.  I took Mr. Magic to the ER at 8:30 last night because he had been sick all day.  I kept having him check his blood sugar number because he is diabetic.  The reading was coming up 600+ and that is very dangerous and concerned me.
After testing, blood work, insulin, and IV of many fluids, they got his number down into the 200s.  The Dr. thinks it was because he was sick all day and couldn't keep anything down.  He is to see his Endocrinologist this week.  We left the hospital at 3:00 am.
Terry is eating some breakfast right now and feeling much better.  Hopefully, after a regular day of eating on schedule, we will see the number go down even more.
Not feeling well, Terry slept a lot yesterday, so he wasn't too tired.  I was exhausted and literally fell into bed when we got home from the hospital. I am pretty sure I will sleep off and on throughout the day.
ER visits are not pleasant, but thank God we have somewhere to go when we are in distress.

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DUTA said...

The ER is a bad place to be at, but sometimes inevitable. Hopefully, your husband is going to feel well now.