Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Houston Flood

My heart is swollen.  One minute I am in tears seeing the agony in Houston, and the next minute I am in tears with happiness seeing the rescues ~ cattle, dogs, cats, horses, babies, handicapped people, little old ladies with fear in their eyes, families clinging to each other walking through the deep dirty water.  In spite of the horror of it all, these people are helping one another in any way they can.  This is what life is all about ~ loving and helping your neighbor.

It was an uplifting sight to see the lined traffic of vehicles hauling their boats en route to flooded areas ready to help in any way they could.  On my way to downtown Roanoke this evening, I was on I-81 and there was a convoy of New York emergency vehicles (fire trucks, rescue vehicles, ambulances, etc.) heading south and I knew they were on their way to Texas/Louisiana.

The police, firefighters, city employees, national guard, coast guard, marines, many agencies, ordinary citizens, and others I failed to mention, are working nonstop to save lives and help take people to shelters and safety.

I hope the number of deaths will be low.  I pray that time will heal the heartbreaking destruction that Harvey has caused.  I hope that all the people who have made monetary contributions or donated items, will be blessed.  I hope God rewards the restaurant owners and employees who kept their restaurants open and gave food and drink to those in need.  Even Anheuser-Busch starting canning water to distribute to all in need.  I truly hope we are all paying close attention to what is happening to all these people and keeping that in mind when we want to whine about some little inconvenience.

I hope we can learn from this and love one another.  Please let us stop the HATE!!


Rhonda said...

I have been in tears and have been trying to put words together of support for these poor people. Most of us simply cannot imagine living through such devastation.

Seeing everyone pull together brings my heart joy!

Marion said...

It's heartwarming to see so many folks helping others...We were lucky in my part of Louisiana and only got rain/flash floods from the outer bands. I cannot even imagine the pain, suffering & loss so many are suffering in all of East Texas & Lake Charles, Louisiana. I was outside for only 10 minutes this afternoon and the mosquitoes ate me up! I hope they're sending OFF or some sort of mosquito repellant...there are going to be zillions of mosquitoes in addition to the crippling heat. May God grant them some cooler weather, too! xo