Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Monday with Casey and Amanda

We started out the day at Zorba's Greek Restaurant for lunch, where I had a stuffed poblano pepper.  Excellent choice!
Back home for a bit and then off to a few shops.  After that, it was off to Blue 5 for drinks.  I am  not a beer drinker, so I chose THE GALLAGHER because it's my maiden name (and it sounded good).  It was another excellent choice.
Unique Tree at Blue 5 
   The plan was to have a burger at Jack Brown's, but there were no seats available, so off to Corned Beef & Co. we went.  After a short time there, we walked around downtown Roanoke for a while, and then we moved on to Burger in the Square where we got burgers to go.

The fog we had all day was quite heavy by evening and it made Christmas lights even more bright and beautiful. The street lights in downtown Roanoke were adorned with pretty wreaths.
It was a fun day spent with Casey and Amanda.  I would have gone anywhere they wanted ~ I was just happy to be with them.  They leave to go back to South Carolina in the morning.  The time goes by too quickly when they are here for a visit.  But, my heart is full and I will wait eagerly for our next visit.

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