Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ah, my Canadian friend, it makes ME happy to wish YOU a Happy Birthday! I feel I've known you most of my life.  We have things in common and have deep feelings about some of the same things that are SO important to us like our sons, family, nature, religious items, art, and kindness to others.  It is reassuring to me knowing that someone understands my passions and understands the feelings that well up inside of me.  Thank you for that.
The facebook world would not be the same without you.  Many follow you to soak up your daily photographs, words of wisdom, art, and fantastic descriptions of ordinary things that most people don't even see.  I am still waiting for the book I firmly believe you should make.  One day, I hope.  You have brought magic into my life, Lulu.  
I send wishes for a magical, beautiful, colorful, joyful, love filled, happy, happy day!!!

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