Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dear Ms. Thing

This was written by one of my facebook friends who is always the positive thinker!  I read this first thing this morning and it was like she had written it for me.  Angi believes the right time for anything is NOW.  I told her that I DO fall into bed exhausted every night from trying to make everything perfect and get everything done, and that I let my passion (creating ART) sit on the back shelf waiting and waiting for the right time that seldom happens.  
Thank you, Angi, for opening my eyes.  I am going to set the "song in my heart" free!

Dear Ms. Thing,
You have permission to pause.
You have permission to wait.
You don't have to figure it all out
and fill your days with doing, doing, doing
until you fall in your bed, exhausted and disconnected
from the song in your heart.
You are the Divine Feminine embodied,
and as such,
you are a receiver.
You, by your very nature, are attractive and alluring.
Dreams are looking for you so they can come true.
Blessings ache for your embrace.
Action and adventure follow you,
hoping you'll give them a way into the world.
Every bit of magic in this sphere is birthed through you.
Including yourself.
Slow down.
Open, allow, receive.
Own the space that is uniquely yours.
It is sacred ground.
So are you.
~Angi Sullins


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those were meaningful words! Your sister

Linda Wildenstein said...

You are so right to pass along your friend's wisdom....hit the heart spot for sure. Oma Linda