Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Worrisome Night

I had a fun time at Rivers Edge Earth Day festivities yesterday with my good friend, Tricia.  We went to an estate sale and then had a delicious lunch at Nawab Indian Cuisine.  We finished the day off by going to Michael's to swoon over art supplies.
This is when the day turned sour.  I came home, fixed some dinner, sat down to eat, got back up to get my pills, and dear little Jake walked right under my foot.  I tramped on him ~ hard!  He yelped! I lost my balance and fell.  I was in tears immediately because I had hurt my dear little sweetheart.  We watched him closely and he seemed to be walking ok.  But, I would have worried myself sick, so I insisted we take him to the Emergency Vet Hospital to be checked out as I was very concerned about his spine.  That was at 8:00.  We got home at midnight.
Jake is fine.  I feel SO blessed that he is alright.  The hospital was SO busy.  It was filled with dogs and cats when we arrived and they just kept coming in.  It was a LONG wait, but we met and talked with some really nice people and their pets as we all worried together.
Mr. Magic is diabetic.  When we were finally in with the Dr., I noticed that he was acting strange.  Then, it hit me.  We had dropped everything right at the beginning of our dinner and rushed off to the hospital.  His blood sugar had dropped.  They were very kind and gave him a granola bar, and when we got back to the car to leave, he ate another bar.  By the time I drove us home, he was coming around to being where he needed to be.
All is well.  Mr. Magic is fine.  Jake is fine.  I hope there aren't any more nights like this in our future.  

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Terra Hangen said...

Now that was a stressful night, but with a happy ending. I am glad you are ok after the fall, those tumbles can be dangerous for people, not only the pet who got stepped on!