Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March Full Moon

We have a FULL MOON once again and she is a beauty!!  I took this photo at 10:00 PM tonight from my front yard.
There are 9 names for the full moon this month:
WORM MOON:  The ground has thawed and the earthworms are back out.
WINDY MOON:  March is the windiest month of the year.
SAP MOON:  The sap is flowing so the tapping of the trees is going on.
SUGAR MOON:  The full moon closest to the first day of spring is called the sugar moon to celebrate the making of maple sugar.
CRUST MOON:  This comes more from the northern states and mountain areas.  The snow begins to melt during the daytime and refreezes at night so it gets crusted over.
CROW MOON:  The crows sing out about the end of winter.
LENTEN MOON:  In many years Lent occurs during all of March.  Not this year.
EGG MOON:  The full moon closest to Easter is called the egg moon.
CHASTE MOON:  New life is emerging from the earth this time of year.  March is the month of purity.
I caught this robin in action this morning.  It truly is the Worm Moon.

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