Saturday, March 5, 2016

EVERY WOMAN'S LIFE Photo Exhibit Opening Reception

 Our Opening Reception for the photo exhibit last night was a fun night attended by many.  It was exciting to be involved.  My dear friend, Tricia Scott, who initiated this event, wore herself out preparing this for months.  Beth Deel, who (among other things) runs the Aurora Gallery, went above and beyond her duties to help make this exhibit happen.  Sponsors and donations played a big part and will help EVERY WOMAN'S LIFE in some small way.  There was music, food, Kumbacha Tea, photo sales, and the sound of laughter filled the Gallery.
 Tricia and Audrey
 One section of wall at the exhibit.
 My two submissions to the show:  "90 Years of Labor and Love" and "Great-Grandmother Joy"
 Beth Deel talking with some of the guests.
 Great music by Jazz singer Shawn Spencer, with Tom Floyd!
 Mr. Magic
 Mother and Daughter Love:  Olivia and Tricia Scott
Making this poster was one of my contributions to the event.

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