Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Visit with Mariette

It has been such a pleasure getting to meet and spend time with friend and fellow artist, Mariette Hebert, who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Mariette has been here for a couple of weeks visiting her son and grandsons.  Today, Tricia Scott and I had lunch with Mariette downtown Roanoke and then Mariette and I visited a couple of shops.  She will be leaving soon to return home, but we will look forward to another visit in the future.  In the meantime, we have facebook to keep in touch.
This is one of Mariette's mixed media paintings ~ a beautiful 14"x18" on canvas panel.  I was honored to name this piece for Mariette, "A Plea For Peace", back in June.


Terra said...

That is a beautiful painting by your friend and how nice to spend real face time with each other.

Mariette Hebert said...

Dear Audrey..As I'm trying to recover my blog, and google account after updating my Mac, I came across this post.
It was so wonderful meeting you as well, and enjoyed my time in Roanoke. It was an honour, and hope to meet you again someday. Bright Blessings !