Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Creative Life Dinner Meeting

 Our Living the Creative Life dinner/meeting was at Taste of Asia last evening.  The atmosphere was excellent and the food was very good.  
 This was Tricia's entree ~ just to show a sample of the food.
 We had a Valentine exchange.  We made a Valentine to bring and we each chose from the pile.
 This lovely fabric collage Valentine made with fabric samples was made by Katherine and now belongs to Audrey.  (: 
 This precious bird Valentine card was painted by Tricia and now belongs to Katherine.
 This sweet Valentine card was made by Michele and now belongs to Tricia.  It was made with letters from different candy bars.
 This Valentine collage was made by Audrey and now belongs to Ibby.
Ibby filled a muffin pan with chocolates, added 4 muffin recipes, and her book of Old-Fashioned Stories and Poems.  A nice Valentine gift that now belongs to Michele.
                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~                           
We had a great dinner, drinks, Valentine exchange, some art talk, AND lots of laughter.  We will be bringing a piece of art that we are currently working on to our next meeting in March.

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CatieAn said...

how fun to have arty friends. none of my friends want to get down and messy and I often wonder why we are so close? Sometimes I think I need to put an ad in the paper for crafty friends who want to make art together. It looks like everyone made such nice gifts and what a nice way to exchange them