Sunday, January 4, 2015

Book of Days 2015

I recently purchased another 12 weeks of Book of Days.  It begins tomorrow and I'm excited to get started in my journal.  I painted a plain black journal to my liking for this session.  Photo above.  The second photo is the inside cover.  I've been involved in Book of Days since 2012, but missed a few sessions along the way.  I find it to be very rewarding.
Book of Days is an art journaling and memory keep class that includes start-to-finish video instruction every week for the duration of the 12 week class, full color printable PDF walkthroughs, journal prompts, support, feedback, and face time videos.
In this first volume of Book of Days this year, we will be exploring ordinary beauty ~ the beauty that exists around us and within us that we might not notice unless we pay attention.  This practice is meant to foster gratitude and a kind of artist's seeing that will keep us inspired all year.  This BOD session will include a lot of optional sketching.
I will share my journal spreads with you as I finish them each week.   

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Debbie said...

Beautiful journal. I look forward to seeing your work.