Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Few Special Birthday Gifts

 I was truly blessed with love and gifts this Birthday.  Here are photos of some of them. 
This beautiful, fun, and colorful floral bouquet of roses, carnations, and lilies, arrived from Casey and Amanda.
Along with the delicious cakes, my sister and brother-in-law bestowed too many gifts on me.  I am in awe of this rosary from them.  It is 66" long.  I have never seen a rosary so large or made of this material.  I will hang it near my religious icon wall.  It is a beauty!
  Another Madonna for my collection.  SO pretty.
 Annalee Artist Doll, brush in hand, ready to paint her cake!!  Adorable.

 Little Audrey comic books.  FUN!  Love them!!
 A book filled with photos of Meyers Lake and the story behind the Amusement Park.  I love this.  I have many wonderful memories of Meyers Lake and I'm still sad that it's gone.
This very special gift below is from my old friend, Susie, who lives in Ohio.  Susie asked her husband to make this for me, and because he is an outstanding husband and a creative man, I now own this wonderful little box.
 He also made the white box that the gift was in.
 AND, he made the pin that is inside the box!!  It is painted metal with a clasp on the back so that I can wear it.  

 THIS is where Susie got the idea.  Last March, I posted this photo of my Book of Days journal spread for the week ~ Soul Tribe.  It is one of my favorite journal entries and I now have a pin to wear and a box to keep it in!!  It is a reminder of all the special people in my life.  It goes without saying that Susie is part of that tribe! 
This book is also from Susie.  
IMAGES - Pictures From Our Past - Stark County, Ohio
I will enjoy reading this and looking at all the photos as it is my ROOTS, where I was born and lived until 2006.  It will always be my HOME
I've only posted some of the more special gifts.  There were more.  How lucky am I that I am loved this much?  It was a wonderful Birthday!

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Terra said...

You were treated like a princess for your birthday with many royal gifts from your tribe. My husband is from Ohio, that book looks interesting.