Thursday, April 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday

This Throwback Thursday takes me back to July, 1952.  Mom always told me that when I was little, I LOVED playing in the street.  This was our sweet little bungalow home where I grew up as a very happy little girl.  I was 4-1/2 and Patrick had just turned 9.  That's Grandpa watching!  I sure wish I could sit and talk with him now.  It makes me smile to think that Mom, Grandpa, and Patrick are together again.


Linda Wildenstein said...

very sweet picture

Jan said...

What a fun photo! Yes, it used to be safe to play in the street with no parental concerns, pretty much. My friends and I have discussed this frequently. I guess we are growing old since we say, "Well back when I was a youngster...."

Anonymous said...

What a treasure that photo is with some very special relatives. Pat E.