Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Another week has passed already and it's Throwback Thursday again!!  This is one of my favorite photos of brother, Patrick.  It was taken in 1974 ~ one of his many trips back to Ohio from Texas. Having been stationed in Texas while in the Air Force, he ended up staying there.  I was always SO excited when he returned home for visits ~ Texas was SO far away.
After we moved here to Virginia, we found out that one of his best buddies lived very close by in Lynchburg.  It was great for Patrick.  He could visit with us and spend time golfing with Ron, too.  As the years passed, Patrick ended up loving Virginia a lot and started coming to visit in the Spring and in the Fall.  
I HATE that he died, but I'm grateful that Patrick was here visiting when God decided He wanted to take him home in 2010.  He is buried right here in Virginia at the foot of Mom's grave.  It is at the very top of a hill that is at the back of the cemetery.  There are many trees and you can see mountains in the distance. I think he was meant to be here.

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Sowing Stitches said...

Hill top cemeteries .... to me are so peaceful. From your description this reminds me of old family cemeteries and the stories relatives share when everyone gathers.